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At Home Hill Healthy Hounds, we promise to help keep your dogs and cats happy and healthy with Raw 4 Paws® all natural, raw pet food.

Home Hill Health Hounds Raw Pet Food

Raw 4 Paws® for dogs is available in 5 delicious varieties that will entice even the fussiest of eaters. We offer Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Kangaroo and Beef.

Chicken is our most economical dog food and is suitable for all stages of your dogs life. It is a great start to changing your dogs diet to raw food.

Turkey is an excellent alternative to chicken as it is low allergy and leaner choice. It is suitable for all stages of your dogs life.

Lamb is also a leaner choice than chicken as it contains red muscle. It is suitable for all stages of your dogs life but not for dogs with liver problems.

Kangaroo is the leanest of red meats and contains nearly no fat but is the highest in protein. It is the ideal choice for overweight dogs.

Beef is great for healthy dogs and puppies. It is great for working dogs and is a rich source of protein and iron.

Raw 4 Paws® for Cats is currently only available in Beef and is an excellent choice for your cat.

Cats love the taste of our beef recipe and it is high in protein and a natural source of iron. Our recipe contains beef heart which is a natural source of Taurine. Taurine is a necessary health supplement for cats as they can’t produce it themselves.

Raw 4 Paws® is manufactured under Safe Food Qld accredited standards, Safe Food Number 119209-002.

Raw 4 Paws® contains NO preservatives, NO harmful chemicals, NO irradiated products, NO grain, NO yeast, NO dairy products, NO fillers, and NO rendered products.

Raw 4 Paws® uses ONLY natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Raw 4 Paws® uses only fresh produce and wherever possible, free-range Australian meats to assimilate a balanced raw diet for dogs and cats, as close to nature as possible.

Raw 4 Paws® offers value for money with nutritionally balanced varieties in convenient packaging for all sizes, breeds, ages and budgets.

Raw 4 Paws® is a premium quality, raw diet for dogs and cats that has been developed and formulated by the Raw 4 Paws team in co-operation with a certified pet nutritionist and a veterinarian, knowledgeable in pet nutrition.

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