Raw 4 Paws Kangaroo Natural Raw Dog Food 1.6KG (8x200g)


Our 100% Australian Kangaroo raw diet for dogs is the ideal choice for dogs that are obese or overweight and for dogs suffering from pancreatitis.

  • Raw kangaroo contains only 2% fat and is rich in protein and CLA
  • We recommend rotating kangaroo with other flavours to ensure overall balanced health and weight maintenance
  • 1.6kg containers of 8 preformed chubs of 200g each for smaller dogs up to 8kgs
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Kangaroo is a wild game that is organic by nature and free from contaminants. It is the leanest of all the meats containing virtually no fat and is also the highest source of protein and Conjugated Linoleic Acid. However, the low-fat content makes Kangaroo NOT suitable as the solo diet for young active dogs, growing puppies or pregnant or lactating mothers who require a higher fat content in their diet.

Kangaroo Recipe Ingredients: Kangaroo meat, celery, carrots, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, apples, organic pumpkin seeds, organic coconut oil, sunflower oil, organic hemp seed oil, cod liver oil, kelp, calcium, bio-fermented cranberry, bio-fermented pawpaw, bio-fermented dandelion, pre-probiotic

Kangaroo Nutritional Analysis: Protein: 15%, Fat: 5.1%, Fibre: max 1%, Moisture: 73.2%, 107.89 Kcal/100g